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Hydrate with the HydroWand!

Putting the micro inMicrodermabrasion

Putting the micro inMicrodermabrasion

Twenty years ago, Altair Instruments created the very first crystal free skin exfoliation system, the NewApeel® featuring the DiamondTome wand. Our diamond-tipped wand and non-invasive technique has become today’s industry standard in microdermabrasion. We believe quality above all is the cornerstone of great products. We created crystal free microdermabrasion over 20 years ago in the belief that a diamond tipped wand is better for the health and well-being of the client, professional and the environment. Join us in celebrating 20 years of beautiful skin.


DiamondTome® wands are safe to use on all skin types and sensitivities. Treat yourself to DiamondTome®!

DiamondTome® Wand Experience


DiamondTome® body wands can restore your skin to it's natural smooth, supple state. Our Hydro wands treat rough, scaly skin, body acne and so much more. Love your skin again with DiamondTome®.

Hydro Wand® Experience


DiamondTome® Wands & Hydro Wand®

The Original Diamond Tipped Wand

Zones of Treatment

  • The Delicate Eye Area
  • Lower Lip to Lower Jaw
  • Neck and Décolleté
  • Buttocks
  • Back
  • Legs

Altair Instruments designed and developed todays most commonly practiced crystal free exfoliation technique. We introduced the diamond tipped wand almost two decades ago, we've been copied but none can compare to our quality and expertise. The DiamondTome® wands are and have always been changing the face of skin.

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Having the skin you've always wanted IS possible with DiamondTome®. Let us show you how!

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Altair has the best return on investment for complete face and body exfoliation. Up your skin game with DiamondTome®.