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Versatile, Effective, Profitable

Let’s face it. Your clients come to you because of your skin care expertise and your ability to provide individual attention to their specific needs. After skin exfoliation clients may need additional serums: multi-vitamin, skin lightening, acne, or deep moisturizing to complete their treatment. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to enhance your signature skin care treatment while keeping costs down? Now you can with the Altair Instruments Hydro Wand®.

The patented Hydro Wand® is a multi-faceted tool that is multi-effective. It is offered in two tip configurations: 12mm and 19mm. There are three different surfaces to choose from: Smooth (no diamonds), Fine and Medium grit diamond tip. The Hydro Wand® can be used with any of the Altair Instruments systems. By simply attaching the wand, tubing and hydro canister to the console, you will be able to expand your services to the newest technology at minimal cost.

Each individual wand can be filled with various types of serums. The freedom to add any type of serum in the Hydro Wand® allows you to enhance your services and create a signature skin care treatment for each of your clients. The patent pending hand pieces and the vacuum action aids in a deeper penetration of skin care serums. No other system can provide a deep exfoliation and deep product penetration than the combination of the Altair Instruments Diamondtome® and Hydro Wand®.

Hydro Wand, U.S. Patent No. 8,221,437.

Hydro Wand® Kit

Wands: Choice of 3


• 1 HYA00 Smooth Tip 19mm
• 1 HYA75 Fine Tip 19mm
• 1 HYA100 Medium Tip 19mm
• 1 HYAR00 Smooth Tip 12mm
• 1 HYAR75 Fine Tip 12mm
• 1 HYAR100 Medium Tip 12mm
• 3 Flexible Tubing
• 150 Single Use Application Pad

• 3 Small Round Brush
• 6 Vacuum Stem Assembly Cleaner
• 2 Hydro Collection Canister
• 1 Hydro Collection Canister Stand
• 1 Tweezers
1 HydroSerums™ Kit
• 1 Brass Brush


Frequently Asked Questions

Why come out with the Hydro Wand®?

Answer: Because you asked for it. Many of our happy skin care specialists want the option of adding more to their services. Altair wanted to make something that would fulfill your requests and provide effective results for your clients.

Why an attachment rather than a separate unit?

Answer: Altair wanted to create an effective multi-faceted tool that can work with your existing system at a fraction of the cost, saving you money and valuable space. We know our diamond tip wands for skin resurfacing are the most effective microdermabrasion available. Two passes with the existing DiamondTome® wands will remove and break down the dead skin barrier and a final pass utilizing the Hydro Wand® allows you a new modality for deep penetration of products. The patent pending hand pieces and the vacuum action aids in a deep penetration of skin care serums.

Do I have to purchase my serums for the Hydro Wand® from Altair Instruments?

Answer: No. That’s the beauty of the Hydro Wand®. You can use your own products depending on the clients needs. As long as it is a liquid or serum based product the solution can be easily inserted into the wand. You can use products that you know and trust to be effective for your clients.

Why do I want to add a Hydro Wand® Facial?

Answer: To rejuvenate and expand your existing microdermabrasion business. The patent pending Hydro Wand® technology easily allows you to add in your favorite products with minimal waste. Its superior design brings the serum at your fingertips with controlled precision. You can determine the exact output through the Flow Indicator and vacuum pressure. No mess, no waste. Which means more profit.

Who will want this add-on service?

Answer: Anyone who wants deep exfoliation and deep product penetration. The results are instant. Using the patented technology of DiamondTome® exfoliation first, followed by the Hydro Wand® you can penetrate, hydrate, and nourish the skin all in one treatment!

Can I use this Hydro Wand® on all skin types?

Answer: It is fantastic for melasma, brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines, oily & acne prone skin and more. This system can be customized to the client’s individual skin type. For instance, on a client with sensitive skin you may choose the Smooth Hydro Wand® with a lipid serum. With hyperpigmentation you may choose the Medium Hydro Wand® with a lightening serum. For mature skin choose the Fine Hydro Wand® with a multi vitamin serum. You will soon experience endless possibilities of how this can be incorporated into your services. This will make the add-on Hydro Wand® system very versatile, effective and profitable.